So, try as I might, I didn’t find any more projectile points to photograph this week.  Most of the sites were small lithic scatters, which means that they were a collection of small pieces of stone that were left behind when someone made a stone tool in the past.  Honestly, I think archaeologists find fewer projectile points (aka arrowheads) than most people, because by the time we get to a site, they’ve all been picked up! 

at the "office"

not a bad view

old bridge we didn't drive over

Some of the sites included pieces of groundstone, which is how people used to grind up seeds and the like, and some also had a small piece or two of pottery, which was pretty neat.  When we find groundstone or pottery, we assume that folks were using the spot as a campsite, since they are roughly the equivalent of coming across a butterknife and a saucepot at a site — the kinds of things you mostly only find in a home.  But even the sites with those kinds of artifacts were small, since they were in sand dunes.  We assume that more of the sites were there, just buried under the sand.

We did record one large site, up Long Canyon.  This is the road to get there:

Long Canyon

It’s hard to tell from this shot, but it is a very steep, narrow berm of dirt that you drive across the top of.  There’s a car located in the canyon to the right, balancing on its front bumper, to make you feel much better about driving on that narrow “road.”  *smile*  That site at the top was a lithic procurement site, meaning it was a place where people went to find the right kind of stone to make tools from.  There were a lot of cobbles of chert and quartzite that were eroding from the ridges, and it looked like people had been going there for generations and busting up rocks to find the ones that would make good tools.  Still not good for photos, since it was a bunch of broken rocks, but I couldn’t resist taking some of the prettier rocks that no one had broken up home with me, including several small, nice pieces of petrified wood.

 After work one day, we drove over the Arizona border to Price, did a little grocery shopping to prep for the birthday of one of our crew members, and then went to check out the Glenn Canyon Dam and Lake Powell.  I’m pretty sure I have driven across it before, years ago during a colllege road trip, but it was still kinda fun.  We also stopped at the newly-completed lookout, and I put together a panoramic view of Lake Powell from up there.

Glen Canyon Bridge

Glen Canyon Dam

the canyon itself

Lake Powell