Well, we still don’t have Internet at the new house, so I haven’t been able to post pictures yet.  But I figured I could spend a little time this morning on a post about the process of moving.

I did a count yesterday, and realized that this is my ninth move in 10 years.  If you count all the moving back-and-forth from dorm to dorm during college, the longest I’ve lived in one place since graduating high school is the three years I lived in Arcata, CA after I got back from the Peace Corps.  I really hope that we can stay put for a little while now that we own a home!

T and I took Friday off, and spent the weekend trying to move as much as we could.  On Friday, I packed at the old house while he waited on carpet cleaners and tried to get cable hooked up at the new house.  Turns out, the previous owners ripped out the cable conduit running theough the back yard when they put in sod, and they forgot to mention that in their disclosure statement.  So we may have to fight with them over the cost of replacing it.  Meanwhile, we have moved over our Dish Network service to the new house, even though we wanted to go back to Comcast, and we have gotten an interim cable provider, which I think will be hooked up today..

Saturday, T’s friend and coworker, H, was kind enough to come over and help us move the big stuff.  We rented a big truck, and T and H got all the furniture and many of the boxes I’d packed from the old house to the new one.  They were amazing!  So Saturday night was the first night we slept in our new place.  Oh, and the alarm system got set up that day too, a novel concept for me.

On Sunday, T waited on Dish Network and worked on installing the dog doors at the new house, while I went and kept packing at the old house.  For some reason, the uncertainty surrounding our move kept me from packing much in advance, so there was still a lot to do.  But the plan was for T to meet me in the afternoon, and we’d load up his truck with as much as we could that evening.

Well, the dog doors have proved to be quite a challenge.  The main floor consists of a single, large space with kitchen on one end, living room on the other, and dining space in between.  The one door to the back yard is located in the middle.  So if we put a dog door there, we’d have an icy cold draft all winter.  Instead, we decided to install one dog door going into the garage, which is also off the kitchen but towards the front of the house, and a second door going through the wall of the garage and into the back yard.  The problem is, we have a concrete foundation that puts the kitchen a few steps above the garage, and that the dog door to the outside has to be above.  Also, while the door we had was made for it, the outside wall proved to be much thicker and tougher than expected.  So I spent the entire day packing by myself, and eventually had to come home with just as much as my little Escort could hold (which isn’t much).  Poor T was still working on that dog door at 9:00 that night.

So we’re in the new place, but not completely.  The upshot of the small load on Sunday meant that we had dishes, pots and pans at the new house, but no silverware or cooking utensils.  There are boxes everywhere that need unpacking, and very little time in the evenings before we collapse into bed.  The house feels only partially colonized to me — there are several rooms upstairs that have nothing in them, and everything is jammed into the kitchen and our bedroom.  The walls are bare and much of the house is very echoey as a result.

There are also a few problems to overcome.  Because of the step down into the garage, both from the kitchen and from the outside, the dogs seem to dislike using their doors.  I tend to find them outside, waiting by the back door instead of letting themselves in.  There are dozens of light switches, particularly in the kitchen, and I am constantly struggling to figure out which ones control which lights.  And there is no door to the master bath, just a lovely archway, meaning that when T goes to shower at 4 am he needs to use the guest bathroom, or else the light will wake me up.  But that tub is small, and T is not, so he ends up wrestling the shower curtain the whole time he is in there.

But there are some major positives to the new space.  The living room is much more roomy, and we can spread out more in there.  The kitchen and pantry are both four times the size of the old house, so there will be plenty of room for all our wedding presents, and we can actually stock up on staple foods.  And I have kitchen island drawers that can fit my pots and pans!  I can’t even begin to explain how thrilled I am about that.

But the chaos right now reminds me that I am a person who likes order, with a place for everything and and everything in its place.  I feel like the external chaos becomes internal somehow — when my belongings are jumbled, then so are my thoughts.  If I can’t easily follow my morning routine, because we don’t have towel hooks or bathroom rugs, and my vitamins are still packed somewhere, and there’s no coffee table to eat my breakfast cereal off of, then things get forgotten (like my water bottle) and I’m out of whack for the day.

The stack of boxes is a little overwhelming.  But I guess I just need to tackle a few each day, until we get it all done.  And then we’ll be moved in, and comfortable.  And I think that our new home will make us very happy.