So, I mentioned that I had really bad pics of the new house from when it was empty.  I ran around with my cell phone before the place filled up with boxes, but I forgot to turn on the lights before I took the pictures.  So here is the new place!  I swear, in real life it’s less red and has much better resolution. *smile*

The main floor is an open plan, with the living room on one end, the kitchen on the other, and a dining area in the middle.  The staircase is off the living room, and we have a great little gas fireplace too.  Oh, and Diezel wanted to get into the shot.

living room 1


Diezel in the living room

This photo doesn’t do the kitchen justice.  The cabinets are great, staggered depths with a rope light running along the top edge for soft lighting.  The back wall is papered with a brick-print wallpaper, which gives it a great touch. And there is a ton of counter space, plus a good-sized island with the potential for bar seating on the right-hand side.  Honestly, one look at this kitchen and I was in love!  The large dining area makes for plenty of room to sit down and eat, too. There’s a laundry room, a large pantry, and the garage off the kitchen to the right, and a door to the yard on the left.

kitchen and dining area

Upstairs, there is a den with built-in projector system, but it looks like I failed to get a shot of that.  It’s a nice, big open room with nothing in it right now, but I’ll be sure to include it in an “After” shot.  We also have another three rooms upstairs: the master suite, and two rooms that were kids’ rooms before. 

The master suite is smallish but very nice.  There’s a cool plastered wall in the bedroom, and they’ve carried it into the master bath.  The bathroom is really nice, with a small WC for privacy, a huge garden tub, and it opens onto a large walk-in closet.  The arch into the bathroom is lovely, but there’s no door to the bedroom — which makes T showering in there at 4 am while I’m trying to sleep a problem.  We’re planning on putting in a curtain to help block the light, but in the meantime, T is showering in the other bathroom upstairs.

master suite

vanity and garden tub

The little boy had a really great car and truck themed room, with diamond-plate-style flooring, toy truck tracks on the wall, and a piston lamp and other cool details.  That is going to get made over a little a turned into our guest room for now.  The other room was for their baby girl — a jungle, complete with a tree, rope lighting in bamboo along the tops of the walls, a black butterflies.  That’s going to be an office/crafts room for now, but we assume we’ll use it for a baby room again in the not-too-distant future, so we asked them to leave the tree (no pun intended  *smile*).  And there’s a second full bathroom that joins the two bedrooms, which is kinda nice.

guest room

office/craft room

T's bathroom (for now)

Once we get things organized, I’ll definitely post the “after” pics.  For now, just imagine the potential!