Yup, that’s how I’m feeling about it right now.  Here’s how week 2 post-home-ownership has gone so far:

  • Saturday, we decide to forgo the packstravaganza for one day, to cope with our needs at the new place.  We haven’t been grocery shopping in 2 weeks, so it begins with breakfast out.
  • Go bed shopping.  We are sleeping on a hand-me-down mattress that’s over 20 years old, and we both wake up sore every morning.  Not to mention, it’s a king bed in a Cal king frame, which causes all kinds of shifting problems.  It’s daunting to find a good mattress we can afford, but we decide it must be done.
  • We stop at one small mattress store, and then RC Willey.  We think we want a memory foam mattress.  We get a great salesman who’s been doing this “only for a little while — since 1969”, and he shows us that we are wrong.  Innerspring mattress, soft side for me, firm side for T, $500 cheaper than we expected with an X-Box thrown in to boot.  We are thrilled!  And it only took about an hour!
  • Go look for Cal king comforters.  No one sells them.

    mud sponges

  • Head for the hardware store, to solve the mud pit problem.  The new dog door to the outside has developed a mud pit right in front of it, and since Cara’s fuzzy feet work like sponges, our kitchen and living room are starting to look like a mud pit too.  So it’s pavers and a section of indoor-outdoor carpet to go.  Plus some random lawn care items.
  • Get everything home, then do some online bedspread shopping.  Discover while trying desperately to find Cal king bedspreads online that they either don’t exist, or are sold as Cal king, but are the same dimensions as a king.  Decide to look for the largest king we can.
  • Shower and change.  To thank T’s friend H for all his heavy lifting last weekend, we are taking him and his lovely wife, M, out to dinner at a Brazillian steakhouse.  Fortunately, M’s mom is watching their two small children for the evening.  Dinner in Trolley Square, a converted trolley station, is followed by some window shopping, saltwater taffy purchases, and a beer at a bar in the Trolley Square complex.  A wonderful grown-up time is had by all.  Oh, and I can add “ate a chicken heart drizzled in lime juice” to my “Bizarre Foods” list.
  • Sunday.  We have to tackle the old house.  Good lord.
  • “Lemme explain.  No, is will take too long.  Lemme sum up.”  I pack inside the house, T packs in the garage.  T takes a pickup-load 45 min to the new house.  He comes back and starts reloading, I head off to Ikea for a (king!) bedspread and bedroom curtains to block out the morning light, and bring back lunch too.  We eat, then keep packing.  We take a double load to the new house (even though my Escort doesn’t hold much), unload into the garage, then head back to the old house.  T picks up the new basement door to replace the one we destroyed by putting a dog door into it.  He installs the door, minus the hinge pins I apparently packed somewhere, while I pack the basement.  I head off with a full car while he finishes packing the truck.  Once I get to the new house, I make mac and cheese with hotdogs and broccoli.  T shows up with his truckload.  We eat, we unload.  It’s 10 pm.  We go to bed.
  • The weekend is over.  There is at least one more load of stuff.  We have not yet even begun to clean.

I have never moved this way before.  Moving from one rental to another usually means you have to be out of one place by the 30th, but you can’t get into the new place until the 1st.  So you pack every single thing you own, you cram it all into a truck, you drive to the new place, and unpack it all.  You already did as much cleaning as you could before you left the old place, so once you’re at the new place all you have to worry about is figuing out which box your shampoo and breakfast cereal are packed in.

This move seemed like it would be easier.  We’d have more time to pack, we’d have more time to move things from the old place to the new.  It would be less stressful.  As it turns out, not so much. 

Moving a little at a time means you’re trying to live at the new place while half your belongings are still at the old place.  We ended up with plates and skillets at the new house, but no silverware or cooking utensils for the first few days.  And we are still spending all our free time packing and cleaning the old house, so I’ve had very little time to unpack or organize the new house.  That means I’m trying to cope with chaos in both spaces, and it’s frustrating.  And I am still commuting 1.5-2 hours to the old place after work, just so we can pack/clean for a few hours and then drive the 45 min back home.  But at least by the end of this week we will be done with the old house, and we can focus on the new one.

But next time?  We’re moving in one fell swoop.  I am promising myself that.