Like most blog hosting sites I’ve seen, WordPress has a front page with a selection of new blogs that they highlight.  And, like most sites I’ve seen it has a cute name: Fresh Pressed.  A lowly blog will be plucked out of the blogosphere and highlighted on this page, and lots of people will read it.  The reason I can state this is, those featured blogs usually have a ton of comments.

There are protocols to follow when leaving comments on these blogs.  Often, the first few comments are from friends who subscribe to the site regularly, but it is proper ettiquette to congratulate the blogger on being chosen, in our case with a comment like, “Congratulations on being Fresh Pressed!” or, “Congrats on making it to FP!”  It’s cute when the chosen bloggers express confusion because they not only don’t realize that their post has made it into the spotlight, they don’t even know what “Fresh Pressed” means.

WordPress posts links to about a dozen blogs, and often they are really good, so I have started making a point of visiting the interesting headlines each day.  Sometimes I comment, sometimes I don’t.  Some blogs cover a controversial topic, like ADHD in schools, and get a huge number of people arguing their points of view in the comments.  Others get a lot of feedback because everyone agrees with the blogger — like the woman whose post focused on the song “I Love My Hair” from a recent Sesame Street episode.  Some bloggers try to respond to every single comment they get on their post, and others just let the public argument play itself out with little or no additional comment.

I like to read the comments along with the blogs, especially if I feel the need to add something, since I hate it when everyone says the exact same thing over and over in the comments section.  If I don’t feel that I have anything new or unique to add to the discussion, then I simply don’t post my, “yeah, me too!” comment.

But as I have started reading the FP blogs and comments over the last few weeks, I am noticing something.  There are a few people who appear to leave a comment on every single blog that makes it to FP.  And I am really curious to know why.

One guy in particular puts a link to his blog at the bottom of his comments, so I assume part of the reason he comments is to help advertise his own blog.  His comments are always relevant to the FP blog and many times don’t mention his own blog at all, so I don’t have a problem with this at all.  Another woman who always seems to post usually has a slightly nasty spin on her opinion, which is forcefully expressed, so I assume she is just the kind of person who likes to add her two cents to every conversation.

His blog has a very distinctive name, and she uses a personal photo for her signature icon, rather than choosing one of the generic design options, which may be what makes them stand out in my memory.  There may be a lot more people making a point of reading and commenting on everything on the FP each day that I haven’t yet noticed.  And while I like to be engaged and to comment from time to time on the FP posts myself, I do sense a whiff of judgementalism on my part.  Don’t you people have better things to do than comment on the blogs of strangers all day long?

And then I realized: if I read many of the posts, and comment on many of them each day, what do other bloggers who notice think of me?  And how am I really that different?

Someone else out there may be thinking, that Archiegrrl, she sure does like to spread around her opinion… *smile*