I check a whole slew of sites in the Cheezburger family daily, including the original LOLcat site, icanhascheezburger.com.  If you have no idea what LOLcats or the Cheezburger family are, you probably haven’t spent much time on the Internet, and you should go check the site out.  (In fact, there’s come kind of connection between WordPress and the Cheezburger sites, which I don’t completely understand, but I use the same profile to post on both sites.)

In any case, I don’t often submit my own LOLcats to the site, but for some reason a week or two back I was feeling inspired and posted several.  And today, I got an email letting me know one of my LOLcats had been voted  onto the homepage!  I rushed right over to see which one.

And it wasn’t there.  I mean, there were plenty of LOLcats posted overnight, but none of them were mine.  I even went back to check if someone had used my profile to create a LOLcat of their own, but no such luck.  I guess I might find my posting on one of the other pages, but the link they sent in the email took me straight to the LOLcat homepage.  I guess I’ll see if I recognize anything when I check the other  20 or so  couple pages that I usually visit on my lunch break.

Until then, I will just suffer from a mildly deflated ego. Who knew that someday I would aspire to having a captioned picture of a cat posted on a public website on the Internet? *laugh*