Last night I was having my usual bi-weekly phone conversation with my parents.  Yes, with both of them, simultaneously.  They each pick up a different phone, and my mom does most of the talking, but my dad is always on the line, too.  It’s cute.

Somehow we had gotten onto the topic of children and spacing, and my mom mentioned that my two uncles (he’s the oldest of three) were born almost exactly a year apart.  And my dad pointed out that his middle brother only came 18 months after him.  Then this conversation happened:

Mom: I think that everyone thought your grandmother was going to be an Old Maid until she got married.

Me: Oh, really?

Mom: Well, yeah.  She was how old…?

Dad: Well…

Mom: She would have been 36 by the time she had your Uncle D. (The youngest of the three)  That was pretty old.

(There is a moment of silence, mine benevolent and amused, as my parents quickly do the math.)

Mom:  Well, I know that’s how old you’ll be if you get pregnant… but back then, it was old to be having a child!  Things have come a long way since then!

I laughed.  You’ve just gotta laugh.  *smile*