the little girl

You know how sometimes one tiny little thing disrupts everything in your schedule for days?  Yeah, we’re having that problem right now.

So, my family was here for a week, and as a result I stayed up late and slept in a lot and my usual sleep schedule is all off.  So Sunday night, when I had to get to bed early in preparation for actually working again the next morning, I couldn’t fall asleep.  To make it even worse, I was getting up 30 minutes earlier than usual to accommodate the snow that I was sure was going to gum up my morning commute.

I don’t know if you have this problem, but if I need to be up especially early for something, I tend to spend the whole night waking up and checking to make sure I’m not late, which means that I don’t fall into a deep sleep until about 30 minutes before that alarm goes off.  By Monday morning, I was so groggy, I couldn’t even find the alarm to turn it off once it finally beeped.  When I finally pried an eyelid open, I realized that I had reset our ceiling clock.  I projects the time on the ceiling, which is actually a really good thing for when you wake up in the middle of the night without your contacts in and wanna know how many more hours you have to keep waking up before the alarm finally goes off.  I don’t usually mess with the ceiling clock, and wasn’t sure how to reset it, so I mentioned to T later that day that I had accidentally set it 2 hours ahead.

Well, when he woke up at 2 am on Tuesday morning and looked at the ceiling, he didn’t remember that conversation.  He just thought it was 4 am and he had saved me from hearing his alarm go off 2 minutes later.  The poor man got up, showered, shaved, got dressed and got downstairs before he realized he was up 2 hours earlier than he needed to be.  So he tried to catnap on the couch, but he was still pretty tired yesterday.

Which lead to him falling asleep on the couch in front of the TV by about 6:30 pm last night.  So when we actually went up to bed, he had trouble falling asleep.  Which meant as I would start to drift off, he would move or fidget and would wake me up again.  And the fidgeting meant that the dog got disturbed and wasn’t in her usual position, sleeping on her side between us.  Instead, she curled up with her legs tucked under her and her head on my feet.  Finally, I heard T start to snore a little, and was all ready to drift off myself.  And then the dog had a dream.

She usually starts dreaming at the same time that T starts to snore.  If she has her back to him, I usually get a little flurry of kicking feet bumping up against my legs for a few minutes, and then it’s over.  I imagine that she’s dreaming of chasing a car, or a guy with a chainsaw, or some kind of large, noisy monster every night.  It can be kind of annoying, but mostly I just think it’s funny to imagine what she could be dreaming about.

Well, last night she starts in with her dream.  Only, she’s got her feet tucked under her.  So as soon as T finally drops off, suddenly the dog is bouncing the entire bed, with her butt bouncing up into the air with every kick of her trapped legs.  From the outside, it looked pretty hysterical, this dog trying to run with her feet trapped under herself, bouncing wildly.  However, it of course woke T and I up again.

Fortunately, he fell asleep again pretty quickly.  For me, it took a while longer to get back to sleep, and the alarm seemed to go off much too early this morning.

Now I’m just wondering about tonight, and which domino will fall next.  *smile*