So, I have beem MIA for a little while.  Work has been crazy with a bunch of winter fieldwork, then I started a scuba certification class, then I got sick.  I took a full weekend to lay on the couch and recover; now, after half a week back in the office, I finally have something to blog about.  That people might care about reading, at least.  *smile*

I have another work baby shower coming up in a week or so, but T’s receptionist decided to have her baby girl last weekend.  He asked if it would be a good idea for us to send her a card, and it suddenly occurred to me that a knitted baby gift would be a good idea!  Fortunately, her new daughter M was only about 5 lbs at birth (neither mom or dad are big people) so I could knit an adorable hat especially quickly.

M’s mom is a girly girl, so I knew a green-and-orange baby hat for her new daughter wouldn’t be her thing.  I did find some nice blue-and-purple variegated yarn in my stash, and a little bit of extra purple trim it pushed it over the edge from baby-boy to girly purple.  I decided to take another stab at the newborn adjustable hat that I had problems with a few months ago.  Last time, I used the 15″ diameter suggested for an infant hat in one of my knitting books, instead of the 11″ diameter in the pattern.  But I forgot to lengthen the hat to match the diameter, so it ended up very wide and shallow, even on the last set of eyelets.

This time, I went with a 13″ diameter, knowing that M is still very little.  I took the dimensions for the pattern (11″ D and 3.5″ L to the first set of eyelets) and figured out that the diameter-to-length ratio was about 3.15.  With a 13″ diameter, a 4″ long first eyelet round would be about a 3.2 ratio, which I figured was close enough.  I knew I didn’t have quite enough yarn, so I only managed 2 rounds of eyelets, with the planned purple trim.  I also decided that, due to the scale of the hat and the chunkiness of the purple yarn, I would just braid the cord instead of knitting an I-cord.

The finished hat is small, and very cute.  I think it should fit, but unfortunately not for long.  The first set of eyelets is still too short, and therefore the hat isn’t actually going to be adjustable at all, which is too bad.  I’m sure she’ll grow just as quickly as most babies do, and I wish I could knit a hat that would last longer than most.  I’m going to have to keep working on this pattern until I manage to perfect it!

I have a different hat planned for the shower that’s coming up, so I won’t be able to try again right away.  But that means another knitted baby gift post coming soon!