Hi everyone! After weeks of not posting anything to my blog while I was at home, I am posting a quick entry from Cozumel! The hotel where we are staying is very nice, and there is free Internet as long as you sit in the lobby. So here I am! I have been resisting the urge to take a zillion pictures to keep from being an annoying tourist, so there’s no images to post here yet. But why worry about stereotypes when you want to capture memories? So I’ll try to do better in the future.

We flew in on Sunday afternoon with no problems, aside from a taxi to the airport that arrived 20 min. late and almost gave T fits. The flights were cramped, but unremarkable. When we got here, we discovered that the company we wanted to rent a Jeep from had no record of our reservation, but we managed to rent something and make it to the hotel.

Sunday night we explored a little in and around town — well, in my case it was exploring, and in T’s case it was rediscovering his old haunts. We were given a very interesting room in the far back of the hotel, with the understanding that we would switch to a room next to the pool the folowing night. I guess the theme of our first room was Egyptian, but to give you an idea of the ecelectic nature of the decoration, there was an Indian tapstry hanging behind the TV, with a large barkcloth painting stretched on a frame on top of it, and a European-style still life painting on top of that. The bedspread was covered with images of blue-eyed lions, the headboard was a design of several large white nautiluses, and the bedside lamps were Chinese-inspired, and a chess set of Conquistadores with half the pieces missing was on a table at the foot of the bed. Oh, and marble tile everywhere. It was quirky, but lush and comfortable.

(T just discovered several geckos hanging out on the walls and ceiling of the lobby while we sit here. Nice!)

The next day we did a little window shopping on the main square, checked out the local museum, which was extremely informative and had a variety of interesting artifacts on display, and then changed rooms. The new room is spare by comparison to the last, but very soothing and comfortable, with a king sized bed and a daybed for watching Spanish-lanugage TV on. Then we took the Jeep and did some exploring around the island. There’s one large loop road that we followed out from town and back again, passing a variety of resorts and beaches along the way. Most of the island is jungle, but it’s all about 12 feet tall, due to the damage hurricane Wilma did in 2005. At one point we were lured in by a sign advertising Mayan ruins, and after driving in circles we eventually found them — a single pyramidal building about 15 feet on a side, with a Catholic church of the same size right next door. T said Chitchen Itza is much more impressive. *smile* We had an amazing meal in T’s favorite restaurant in town, the Prima Trattoria, and then braved the local grocery store for water and a plug adaptor, before heading back to the hotel for a soak in the hot tub and then the pool.

Today, however, was the best day so far. I am now a real, honest-to-goodness scuba diver! We did 2 drift dives off nearby reefs with Troy from Pelagic Ventures, a great divemaster and friend of T’s. There were 3 other divers with us, all Canadian like Troy. We did our first dive at the San Francisco reef, and saw a total of 3 sea turtles and 2 lobsters, one of which had to be 10 lbs! Of course, there were all kinds of fish, far too many to list or relate, all different shapes and sizes and colors. There was one point were we passed through a narrow tunnel in the reef, and I did a pretty good job of watching my position and controlling my buoyancy so that I wouldn’t bump into anything. Touching coral can kill it, so we try very hard not to disturb anything.

The second dive was off a reef called Paradise, and it was just as amazing as the first. We saw a huge stingray, dark with light spots all over its back, just like the schoolmaster in Finding Nemo. We also spotted a pipefish, a 4-ft green moray eel out of its hole, a few large crabs hunkered under the rocks, a shrimp, huge hermit crabs that had taken up residence in old conch shells, and a multitude of other sea life. Since I got T an underwater camera for Christmas, he was shooting as much as he could, but it’s so hard to get good photos underwater, the pictures may need some tweaking before I post any of them.

I was so wiped once we were done with our second dive and getting our gear rinsed and out to dry, that I actually took a nap, an extreme rarity for me. But we’re off now to find someplace good and cheap for dinner, and then who knows where the night will take us? *laugh*