Cara and her new love(s)

A few months ago, T and I invested in a new couch.  We began the process by immediately agreeing that neither of us wanted a leather couch.  After visiting our favorite furniture salesman and sitting on about 20 different couches of all shapes, sizes, colors, fabrics and densities, we fell in love with a leather sectional.  And we are both thrilled!  It doesn’t hold on to dog hair, you can wipe the muddy pawprints off with a damp paper towel, it’s squishy but still somehow magically provides lumbar support, and the leather actually holds onto your body heat so you can snuggle in and be cozy even when the house thermostat has been set by someone who is obviously related to polar bears.  Plus, the sectional is long enough for T and I to both lay full-length with room left over, or for both of us and both dogs to sit together comfortably.  And it’s just the right size for our living room.  Really, it was a fantastic choice.

When the new couch came home, I decided to break out some throw pillows.  And then Cara fell in love.  If she is on the couch, which is most of the time, she HAS to be lying on the pillows.  She hugs them, as you can see from the picture above.  She tries to get all four paws onto them.  And she doesn’t like to share them.  If T decides to stretch out and put his head on a corner that she isn’t laying on, he suddenly gets a barrage of puppy kisses all over his head and face to try and make him move.  If Diesel is laying on one side of the pillows and I’m on the other side, she’ll shoehorn her 70-lb self into the space inbetween us, just so the pillows are all hers.  It’s pretty hilarious.

Now I guess we just need to find Diesel a new love.  An electronic chest-and-belly-scratcher, perhaps?