I got a lovely belated wedding package from a good grad school friend, B, last week, which icluded three homemade jams.  All from the Pacific Northwest, we had blackberry, golden raspberry, and marionberry jams.  Something that wonderful deserved a quality vehicle for tasting, so I decided this weekend to try making my first batch of homemade scones.

scones and B's jams

(Yes, this is another cell phone picture, but don’t worry, the camera has finally been located and will be put back into use for better shots in the future)

The jams were incredible, especially the golden raspberry, since raspberry is one of my favorites.  The scones were only eeh, but I think they weren’t bad for a first attempt.

I used the lemon scone recipe from the Joy of Cooking, which suggested a variety of dried fruits to go along with the lemon zest.  Knowing how T feels about blueberries (love!), I decided dried blueberries would be the best choice.  He was responsible for shopping for heavy cream, a lemon, and dried blueberries first thing Saturday morning, and I took care of the rest.

The recipe called for a process very similar to making muffins: add all the wet ingredients to the dry ones, mix as little as possible, shape and bake.  Well, the dough simply wouldn’t come together.  So I had to try mixing in a bit more cream, which involved more kneading, and a very sticky exterior to the dough at first.  Also, I think I went a little heavy brushing on the egg wash on top, because the scones were decidedly past “golden brown” when all was said and done.  I did find them a tad tough from the extra kneading, and a tad dry — so maybe they were overdone, since this is a new oven for me.  But the jams added the necessary moisture, and were heavenly with the little bit of lemon zest in the scones to offset their sweetness.  One bonus of the dried blueberries is you would occasionally get one that had baked near the outside of the scone, and had that great chewy-crunchy thing going for it.  Yum!

Definitely a recipe that I should keep trying, until I achieve perfection.