I’ve been a little down since I’ve been on the job hunt again, and I haven’t had much to say here.  But to get back into the habit of posting, I’m stealing an idea from my friend’s amazing blog, Mom-In-A-Million.

my inspiration

15 Things I Never Said Before I Had A Dog

1.  Go on, go potty!  Go potty, good girl!  Go potty!

2.  Your bone is too short, and ew, it’s slimy.  I’m not holding that.

3.  Watch out — the back yard is full of poop.

4.  Hey!  No rolling in the dead thing!

5.  Are you bored?  Do you need a bone?

6.  Yes, I know thunder is scary, but you’re fine.

7.  Quit licking your pee pee.

8.  Quit licking his pee pee.

9.  Get him!  Bite his ankles!

10. Looks like someone needs a new collar!

11. Do I need to take you to get your butt squeezed?

12. We need a bed that’s big enough for the four of us.

13. See, cords aren’t scary!

14. Come here so I can dry off your belly.

15. I wish you were a little more ball-oriented.